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... call 417-779-5374

We will be glad to take your credit card donation via the phone in a secure manner.


You may make a designated donation by letting us know how you would like your donation:

    1) A monthly re-occuring gift

    2)  A one-time donation

    We will need your

        Name  / Address / City, State, Zip  / Phone number / email - if you like

    Credit card number / Expiration Date / Cvv2 number on the back of your card / Card type


     Special circumstance (if any)

        Memorial - who for - and who gets acknowlegement including an address;

        In Honor of - who for - and who gets acknowlegement including an address; - reason for gift

        Designated donation - purpose or how to use this gift

        Boy support  - Boys name (if known) and would you like the parent to know or if you want to just give to help a

                 particular type of boy   (like from a single parent?)

        We really appreciate your help because this is a ministry that NEEDS all the help friends   

        like you can provide since many of our parents are unable to carry the burden of

        full sponsorships and we also have special projects that general giving does not always

        provide for.  As a ministry, we try to help as many boys as we can financially but we also

        help provide for the needs of others in our community with special services.  Thank you

        for making this possible.  If you would like to speak to a Ranch representative about your

        gift, please let us know.