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Ken Ortman and a boy walking down a path

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Open House 2021 will NOT be on Ranch this year due mostly to COVID. Hope to see you for the 2022 event to celebrate the Ranch’s 40th Anniversary!

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When one thinks of a Boys Ranch, they might think of a place where boys are locked up or kept in a room and controled by medications. This Christian-based organization believes in allowing boys a second chance in a structured farm family type of environment. Our belief is that Jesus always forgives, no matter what you have done in the past.

LUC Boys Ranch is located in the heart of the Ozark Mountains in Southwest Missouri. We are changing the lives of at-risk boys in our Christian residential treatment program. Through the use of Biblical counseling and applying Christian principles in their lives, we are re-building broken homes and family relationships.

Our Mission is to not only change a young man's life, but impact him while he is here by teaching him the values of hard work, respectfulness, responsibility, honesty, and Christian values through our actions as staff members. We teach by being a loving example and modeling how the Bible can change anyone's life if we obey the Lord's commandments and do the things he has taught us to do. Doing the right thing is not always easy, but our Father in Heaven helps guide us through his Word, and we can find hope and love through Him if we do what he asks us to do.

Boys are able to find purpose and develop their talents by acquiring various trade skills, excelling in education, and feeling a part of the LUC family. Please join with us in helping these boys find lasting changes in their lives by becoming a donor, volunteer, or staff member. Please browse our web site for more detailed information on how we can work together to accomplish many goals! Come join us for a meal, call and schedule your appointment 417-779-5374. See for yourself!

Letter dated July 28, 2021
Summer is in full swing around the Ranch. Mowing yards, gathering hay, swimming, fishing, summer school, and special outings are all part of Ranch life right now along with hot days, mosquitoes, and poison ivy. It reminds me of the importance of accepting the good and bad that comes our way trusting God has it all under control.

The boys in summer school have an extra treat this summer participating in "Kids in the Kitchen," which is a 4-H program offered by Stone County to teach basic nutrition and kitchen safety. Our guys have really enjoyed learning about the different food groups and sampling the treats during each lesson.

Dealing with anger and frustration is an important topic that comes up with the boys often. One of the boys was talking with a staff member and how to handle his frustration. When the staff asked him what he does with his frustration, all the boy said was, "Jesus." The staff asked for more clarification to which he responded, "Jesus just takes my frustration and throws it out the window."

We're one of a few farmers who still bale their hay the old-fashioned way in small square bales. That means we get to load the bales on trailers and stack them in our barns. For 38 years, our guys have competed with each other to be the best and fastest stackers. One year, we had four teams of guys with six on a team compete all hay season for champion hay haulers. The record holders that year, loaded 120 bales on a trailer in 8 minutes and 51 3/10 seconds. The whole interesting story was put on TV for a condensed, 3-minute news spot several years ago. It's interesting to watch our new guys try to keep up with our seasoned ones. Because our guys are in tip-top shape, even our smallest boys can outwork the newer ones who are still not in very good shape.

I believe there is a big difference between pride and self-confidence. Because of all the lawn mowing, farm work, and even the physical consequences that our guys do--they're able to compete at a level far higher than most guys their age. Humbly knowing that we can accomplish challenging tasks is a big advantage for success in the future.

David, a graduate about 25 years ago, called to thank us for what he said was a "life changing experience at LUC." He has been injured, but still works at an irrigation company where he's been for over eight years now. He said, "I learned at LUC to never give up and that has kept me on curse for all these years." He no longer has any support family, so he values his daughter and spends lots of time with her. "I pray for her, for me, and for the Ranch every day." David reported, "You were the one person who never gave up on me."

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